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Tui Spiritual & Educational Trust

The Tui Spiritual & Educational Trust (TSET) is a charitable Trust dedicated to the general promotion and enhancement of community life. The aims and TSET objectives are interwoven in that way of life. For details on the trust objectives see below.

The Trust gains much of its impetus from the working example of Tui Community and some of its objectives are realised by providing programs in which people may visit, experience and learn the workings of an intentional community.

Currently there is a group of 24 trustees who have committed to taking responsibility for the trust long-term. Trusteeship with TSET is a prerequisite in order to live at Tui Community permanently.


The Tui Spiritual and Educational Trust's objective is ...

"establishing a living, working example of intentional community that combines the essential principles of spiritual awareness, Earth care, connection with nature and appropriate lifestyle..."

The Objectives of TSET

The primary objectives and purposes for which the Trust is established are:

(a) To promote education within New Zealand on the role and function of sustainable communities, by establishing a living, working example of an intentional community that combines the essential principles of spiritual awareness, earth care, connection with nature and appropriate lifestyle, where residents and visitors can participate in a variety of educational and spiritual practices.

(b) To promote a holistic approach to education within New Zealand through teaching the principles of community and co-operation, the need for social, cultural and environmental awareness and the importance of physical and spiritual health and well-being.

(c) To promote and provide vocational training and research within New Zealand in the practice of Permaculture, organic agriculture, horticulture, arts and music, cottage industries and manual trades.

(d) To promote and provide seminars and workshops within New Zealand on the design and function of intentional communities and to promote the establishment of such communities.

(e) To promote research within New Zealand on the development and production of environmentally appropriate technology.

(f) To promote spiritual well-being within New Zealand through the unification of religious, cultural and other differences, in order to bring about renewal of love, creative energy and universal wisdom.

(g) To promote physical, mental and spiritual well-being within New Zealand and provide facilities for healing and relief of suffering through education and the provision of life-skills, healing practices, specialised therapies and counselling services.

(h) To promote the creation of a holistic nurturing environment that enhances and sustains a quality of life that does not exploit the environment or people and that is permanent, healthy and sustainable for future generations.


The secondary objectives and purposes are:

(a) To carry on any other charitable objective which may seem to be capable of being conveniently carried on in connection with the above charitable objectives or calculated directly or indirectly to advance the above charitable objectives.

You can contribute to help TSET thrive financially.

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