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Tui Events Park

The Tui Treefield

In this nurturing and inspirational space, magic can happen. The Treefield offers a gateway to the natural world which can play such an important part in the transformation that can occur here. It has attracted people from every corner of the globe to add to the collective wisdom, expressions of art, ritual, stewardship, connection, service and wellbeing.

The majority of the programs offered in the Tui Treefield is founded on a great need for change in the world. Many thanks to all the people who have contributed over the years.

brave spaces...

to show courage, to be honest, to keep an open mind and heart,

to commit to growth together.


Vision & Mission

The vision of the Tui Education Group is the establishment, maintenance and evolution of a well appointed outdoors events park as a venue for a variety of events that celebrate nature, relationship, family and community.


Our mission is:

  • to provide accommodation, cooking and toilet facilities in a natural outdoor setting for the events park,

  • to enable and promote educational experiences that fit with the objectives of the Tui Spiritual and Educational Trust, and

  • to provide and offer facilities for dance, music, theatre, celebration and ritual.

A Look Back

It all happened one day in 1999 when Jim and Suzi were walking the Tui land looking for a new site for the Men's Gatherings. Previously, they had been held out in the wilds of the neighbour’s farm, but that time was over, another site was needed.

The two of them walked into the woodlot that had been planted 15 years before and there it was, a park, the perfect place to hold outdoor events.

The spark ignited, consent was given, the Tui Events Park started to evolve. First, it was the continuation of the Men’s and Women's gatherings, and as the infrastructure grew so did the number and variety of events.

circle dances .jpg

In 2001, the ablutions block “the Washanui” was built, just in time for the community event “Te Ngararahuarau” to take place. This was followed by replacing the temporary kitchen with the “Treehouse” which included a kitchen, dining room, and dance floor area, again being finished just in time for the first dance event “Embracing Life Rhythms”.

Over the years, with a lot of commitment by many people, particularly Jim Horton who’s creativity and vision stood at the core of the Events Park’s evolution, the Tui Treefield has evolved into what it is today.


Trees from the former woodlot across the road from Tui Community have grown, and the area has evolved into a park scape offering many wonderful areas to gather or play. The Tui Treefield is now an established outdoor venue hosting a variety of events. It is the main vehicle for outreach of the Tui Spiritual & Educational Trust and is managed and maintained by the Tui Education Group as well as lots of volunteer and some paid work. Events hosted include community gatherings, youth rites of passage work, permaculture courses, personal development trainings, men's and women's gatherings, possibility management and embodied movement retreats. You can check out what's coming up HERE.


The heart of the Treefield is the 5th generation Pentacle, a special gathering place for ceremony and sharings around the fire. The purpose-built Treehouse provides kitchen, dining and classroom facilities as well as a wooden dancefloor. Toilets, showers and a large hut tub are located in the Washanui, with a wood-fired sauna nearby. Accommodation is camping style with participants bringing tents or caravans to sleep in. There is also a rustic off-grid cottage (sleeps 4).

The Events Park is hired out most weekends from November through to April. Many residents of Tui Community are involved with the offerings in the Treefield, and in this way the venue bridges community life and the wider community of Golden Bay and Aotearoa.

To enquire about bookings contact the Treefield Coordinator.

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