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Joining Tui

Are you interested in living in an intentional community? Wondering if there are opportunities to come to Tui for longer or even make Tui your permanent home?

We currently have no openings for new residents. However, over time this situation may change, so please get in touch if you’re interested.

Below you will find considerations about living at Tui...


Could Tui be a place to live for you in the future?

Tui is a land-based, remote community in Golden Bay with particular needs at this stage of its development:  

Tui wants to attract people with a view towards long-term commitment. We are most interested in people with practical, land-based skills and experience, who have plenty of energy and motivation to contribute to communal land and activities.

The list below is to enable interested parties to appreciate our particular needs and to consider whether they have these attributes or a willingness to evolve them. 

  • Level of being self-motivated, a team-player, with a can-do attitude and enjoyment to contribute in positive ways

  • Land-based skills – Ability and willingness to work physically on the land; preference for skills in gardening, orcharding, machinery maintenance, and/or building

  • Good communication skills – Willingness to learn and practice good communication and conflict resolution skills, and pre-existing knowledge and practice in this.

  • Willingness to take self-responsibility: for myself, my relationships with people and our planet - including physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

  • Health on all levels.

  • No dependencies that disrupt the health of relationship with self, others or community functioning, e.g. no regular use of drugs or alcohol.

  • Willingness to participate in the creation of a multi-generational community, which embraces children, families and elders.

  • Interest in fulfilling the purpose of the Trust (see TSET objectives)

  • Already having resources and livelihood skills to financially support yourself in a rural setting.

  • NZ citizenship or permanent residency.

An extended stay of 4-6 weeks as a paying visitor or participation in the live-in work exchange program is a prerequisite for consideration to become a long-term resident.

If you are interested to find out more about the entry process to Tui, contact INNA via email.

Attributes to consider when thinking about moving to Tui...

How much does it cost to live at Tui?

There’s a financial contribution to the Trust/Community equating to about $65/week per adult. Adult residents also contribute 3.5hrs/week in volunteer work to Tui. Weekly rent for rental accommodation or site rental for a temporary accommodation site is in addition to this.


How to find out more?  

Contact INNA via email to answer our questionnaire and arrange an introductory talk.

A bit more about us again….

As a new resident you would be joining an existing group of approximately 30 adults, and around 12 children (aged 0-17 years). We have wwoofers and interns regularly, and many summer visitors.

Tui is situated in Golden Bay, 30mins drive from Takaka on approx 140 acres of bush and pasture next to the Abel Tasman National Park bush and beach. Houses are spread out around the land, shared facilities include a Community House, orchard, gardens, and Events Park (Tui Treefield). We have weekly meetings and shared meals and various sporadic shared activities. Currently most school-aged children at Tui go to local schools and one is being home-schooled. There is a school bus which leaves from Tui daily. There are a few businesses at Tui, and reasonably priced high speed internet to facilitate other businesses.

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