Tui DeLight 2017 – Workshops

Following the delightful event on Sunday, residents of Tui Community as well as some of our most talented musicians will be offering a choice of experiential workshops on Monday, January 30th.

We will start the day with a gentle Hatha-Yoga class at 8am, guided by Katja Bejlegaard from Holland.

Three blocks of workshops offered by Tui Residents and our regarded musicians will begin at 10am, 12.30 and 2pm. Pick and choose the ones that sound most exciting to you!


Workshop Day Tickets are $25 (included in your combi-ticket).

Please arrive 10min before each workshop. Workshop durations are 60-120min. Spaces for each workshop are limited. You can sign-up for the workshops at the gate on the day of the event, or via email ahead of times:


More info on the workshops…


1) What is Community? with Di. Uncover your personal relationship to community & collaboration by exploring multiple perspectives on these topics through experiential action.

2) Voice warmup and interactive sound journey with Karen Hunter. A gentle morning vocal warmup followed by an interactive group sound journey guided by Karena.

3) Communicating with Plants with Emma Fernbloom. Learn some simple techniques that allow the communication that is already happening with the natural world to become conscious. Bring pencils (coloured if you like) and paper.

4) Allowing the opening of the heart with Sybille Biedert. In this workshop we will explore what’s its like to move with an opening heart. Through gentle guidance and thriving music we will together create a field of presence. From that place we emerge.


1) Maori Story Telling with Matiu Te Huki. Matiu’s Story telling workshop is an exciting journey into the mystical mysterious and ancient world of the Maori Ancestors, elemental gods and spirits. Narrated with his own unique present day story telling style, Matiu also invites adventurous audience actors to vividly and sometimes hilariously bring the characters to life. The stories hidden messages are also uncovered in this fun and entertaining, community strengthening, learning experience.

2) “Permaculture: A Rhymer’s Manual” presented by Charlie McGee. Permaculture – a Rhymer’s Manual uses the power of music, rhyme and humour to convey the permaculture principles in fresh ways. Over the past couple of years Charlie has designed a holistic method of conscious education using song and dance that is both highly entertaining and true to the complex systems thinking that is Permaculture.


1) Creating Sustainable Human Habitats: Intentional Communities, Co-housing and Ecovillages’ with Robina McCurdy. We ‘visit’ a diversity of communities around the world, and address some critical ‘how to’s eg how to build community from where you are right now, how to gather together the right people, how to gather sufficient resources to start, how to avoid typical pitfalls. This presentation is a distillation of Robina’s experiences, observations and analysis from 20 years as a community development consultant, and 32 years as a resident in a successful land-based community.

2) ‘Grounded Heart’ Shamanic Dance Workshop. – a Funky Deep dance journey with Bob Hillary. Bob offers, with a mix of live and Dj’ed music, a guided journey for people to drop really deeply into themselves through music  –  to Ground people, take them back to their truest selves, open their hearts, and dance out their demons, and then out into their JOY, & then finally to a deep still meditational finish.   There is a strong Shamanic element to the class.

3) Freeing the True Voice. with AraLyn Doiron. Beyond singing, let’s claim our authentic voice. In this workshop we have permission to make noise, to speak, sing and shout.   We will move through vocal exercises and sharings and then sing together.

4) Working with Chakras with Natasha Gall from SoulLife. A practical tool to guide for you life journey.