Moving to Tui to live

_DSC1827Are you interested in living in intentional community? Wondering if there are opportunities to come to Tui for longer, or even make Tui your home?

(If you’re interested in simply visiting or wwoofing at Tui, please continue here.)

Although we would like more people to come and share this land, our lives, and this wonderful co-creation, at present we do not have accommodation for more people to live at Tui long term.

tui signThe ebb and flow of life means that sometimes people leave the community, their life taking them in a different direction.  Occasionally there are openings for new people to move to Tui long-term, but not at present.  When our situation changes we will post it here.

We currently offer the opportunity to experience our community either as a paying visitor for up to 6 weeks OR as an intern for 6 weeks.  More information here.


Tui is a land-based, remote community. If/when there are openings for new long term residents, we are most interested in people with practical, land-based skills and experience, plenty of energy and motivation to contribute to communal land and activities, and New Zealand permanent residency or citizenship. A stay as a visitor or intern is a prerequisite for consideration to become a long-term resident.

A bit more about us again….

As a new resident you would be joining an existing group of approximately 30 adults, and 10 children (aged 0 -14 years). We have wwoofers and interns regularly, and many summer visitors. Tui is situated in Golden Bay, 30mins drive from Takaka on approx  140 acres of bush and pasture next to the Abel Tasman National Park bush and beach. Houses are spread out around the land, shared facilities include a Community House, orchard, gardens, and Event Centre (Tui Treefield). We have weekly meetings and shared meals and various sporadic shared activities. Currently all the school aged children at Tui go to local schools. There is a school bus which leaves from Tui daily. There are 2 businesses at Tui, and reasonably priced high speed internet to facilitate other businesses.