Visiting Tui

Visitors are Welcome


We view Tui as a microcosm of the world…love, service, conflict, navigating between individual and collective interests and finding effective ways to contribute fully and to meet needs are part of our human dance.  At Tui we endeavour to operate through communication more than rules…we attempt to emphasize personal responsibility and invite you to be a part of this co-creation, nobody is in control and we’re all important to the journey.

Tui is a place that tends to support self-empowerment … it isn’t a place that leads you by the hand … we are all (in our flawed, divine, unique human ways) experimenting with being the change we want to see.

Here are a few ways to engage in this experiment we call Tui Community:


Tui Wwoofing and Internships


Upcoming Intern and Wwoofing periods at Tui are:

18 February – 1 April (6-week Internship)

15 April – 27 May (6-week Internship)

2 Sept – 14 October (6-week Internship)

28 October – 9 December (6-week Internship)

No wwoofing blocks are scheduled for 2019, only internships.


IMG_5544During community wwoofing, we will host up to 4 work exchange visitors we call Kaimahi, each staying a minimum of two weeks for hands-on experiences.   Work is 6 hours per day, 4 days per week (Tues-Fri). Enthusiasm, maturity, physical health and stamina are required. In exchange we offer shared accommodation in the community house and vegetarian food, incl fruit and vegetables from Tui land. Depending on the season our work exchange visitors (Kaimahi) may have the opportunity to experience:

. Land Maintenance Group. These are general farm tasks; cutting grass, noxious weed control, road and track maintenance, some heavy lifting (stacking firewood, rocks and materials), painting buildings and clearing culverts.

· Orchard Apples in BoxesThe Tui Garden. Planting and working in green manures, preparaing beds for plantings, seedling raising, planting, feeding, making compost, mulching, and general tidy up of the garden.

· The Tui Orchard. Pruning, weeding, feeding and mulching around trees. Harvesting fruit and processing as appropriate.

· Living in a rural community on a day-to-day basis, tasks might include cooking weekly community meals, childcare, cleaning and an openness to experience a different lifestyle.

Our popular 6-week internship comprises of community wwoofing plus an educational competent of 2-4 workshops each week each lasting between 1-2 hours in length. In the workshops various Tui residents share with you their variety of personal passions. They may include sauerkraut making, sourdough bread making, herbal medicine, raising chickens, making massage balms, seed raising, 5 rhythms dance, yoga, community infrastructure, meditation, jewelery making with silver and glass, astral travel guided meditation, sound healing, clown workshop, fruit preserving and other things. Get ready to expand your horizon…
The work exchange hours are from Tuesday to Friday working 6 hours/day with a community resident alongside you (as above).
Investment: The 6-week internship currently costs a modest NZ$360 for the full 6 weeks, to cover expenses for the educational components of your time with us.


If you’re interested in either community wwoofing or the internship, please let us know your gardening and land work experience, background in Permaculture and organic growing, any community living experience and any special skills you can offer. You must have your own gear; gumboots, garden/work gloves and clothes to get dirty. Contact our Visitor Coordinator by email at


Tui Community Paying Visitor

Another possibility for visiting Tui is as a paying visitor.  This offers you the opportunity to experience Tui, without any obligation to contribute workwise, or to adhere to any schedule. Accommodation can be camping, in your own mobile accommodation, in the Community House, or in someone’s home, subject to availability. Your length of stay can be from one night to six weeks. For more information and for booking enquiries email our visitor coordinator, Richard.