People at Tui


There are currently approx 30 adults and 11 kids living at Tui. Here are some of them…


DSC_0951Suzi & Jim

Values close to our hearts – Jim: Nature is the big medicine. Suzi: Guardianship of the land rather than ownership. Shared responsibility.

To us community is… Jim: A source of necessary blessing. Suzi: A place of on going growth.

Our roles in Tui are… Jim: An elder standing aside. Suzi: The water listener, holding overview and the container while stepping back as an elder.

surendraSurendra van Susteren

Values close to my heart:   Living with open communication teaching our children well.

To me community is… taking a step to learn to do things together.

My roles in Tui are… Taking care of the land and all the farm machinery


robemmaRob, Emma, Noah and Ra

Values close to our hearts: Healing, Authenticity, Healthy Soil, Healthy food/Water, Healthy Family

To us community is… Connection with self, each other and the earth. Fun, Work, Play, Experimenting.

Our roles in Tui are…. Emma: TSET Secretary. Rob: Gardening, Land Care-taking, Mechanical and Building work, Experimenting with Appropriate and Alternative Technology


John and aralyn for websiteJohn and Aralyn

Values close our hearts:    Diversity, Creativity, Inclusiveness, Cooperation, Friendship, Communication, Trust, Authenticity, ENTHUSIASM!

To us community is… a personal and collective evolution; a type of kinship that goes beyond casual.  We attempt to smooth our rough edges through patience, empathy, and healthy boundaries.  Working and playing together to sustain and nurture ourselves and the planet.


-immi photos2015 - 22Colin, Inna and Kiva

Values:   authenticity, connection, flexibility

Community to us is:  a forever extending learning experiment of the most sensible way of living in today’s time.  Core subjects in this for us are: Communication, cooperation, land-based skills, self care.

At the moment:  parenting of Kiva (7), events park maintenance, food co-op coordination, community meals, new residents introduction, yoga, DeLight Festival coordination, Permaculture Course coordination, men’s, women’s & song circles



fransJessFrans, Jessica & Shakti

Values:  Acceptance, Compassion, Integrity, Authenticity, Caring

Community is:  synergy, working together, understanding one another

Like to see at Tui:  fuller participation, personal growth in me and others


gallsGall Family

We are a fun loving family of 4: As of 2017, Arjuna 11yrs, Malika 8yrs, Natasha 41yrs, Richard 50yrs.

We live in a beautiful earth house at Tui where our Tui work is for Natasha – preserving, organising other Tui’s Tui work, and some admin bits. Richard is our visitor coordinator. Malika likes horses, playing with her friends and gymnastics. Arjuna likes soccer, being in the bush and playing with his friends. We enjoy yoga in its many forms including meditation, chanting, laughter yoga and asanas. We love nature and like to go hiking, kayaking and swimming. Richard is musical, especially on drums and guitar. For paid work Richard works at Tui Balms, Natasha does too as well as her own personal growth business online, co-ordinating Tui events and teaching primary. We welcome wwoofers to our home.


tysonTyson Hammond

Values: adaptable, honesty, empathy, humour, forgiveness

Community is… creating together, inspiring each other, evolving and growing together

At the moment: Trust chairperson, joyfully parenting my children Kiva and Bowie.



Values: compassion, honesty, positivity

Community is… enjoyment, sharing, trust

At the moment: orchard, community house and studying online to become a nutritionist