Welcome to the Tui Treefield

In this nurturing and inspirational space, magic can happen. It has attracted people from every corner of the globe to add to the collective wisdom, expressions of art, ritual, stewardship, connection, service and wellbeing.

The maturity of the programs offered in the Tui Treefield is founded on a great need for change in the world. Many thanks to people who have contributed to the global vigil; changing people’s lives, creating awareness and teaching others.


Vision and Mission

The vision of the Education group is the establishment, maintenance and evolution of a well appointed wilderness events park as a venue for a variety of events that celebrate nature, relationship, family and community. Our mission is:

-to provide accommodation, cooking and toilet facilities in a natural outdoor setting for the events park.

-to enable and promote educational experiences that fit with the objectives of the Tui Spiritual and Educational Trust.

-to provide and offer facilities for dance, music, theatre, celebration and ritual.

A Look Back

The seed was planted when Michael Jude came from the USA to visit New Zealand. He was active in the men’s movement in the USA, a ‘thoughtful and feeling’ male response to the woman’s liberation movement that was sweeping the western world at that time. He toured the country calling men together, around a campfire, to share life experiences in a deep and honest way. Those mens’ gatherings were support meetings and were quite transformational for some. One of these meetings was held in a “wilderness” setting at WainuiBay, near the Tui Community.

A number of residents of the Tui Community that attended this gathering were so deeply moved that they decided to hold more of these events. After a few years, the Tui women started to hold similar gatherings and eventually there were gatherings for men and women to come together in a profound way. When we lost access to the original site in the “wilderness”, an eye was turned to a coppicing woodlot that seemed suited to develop as a site.


The atmosphere under a growing canopy of trees is tangible and recognized as a very special place. The Tui Treefield is situated across the road from Tui Community and is held and maintained to create a connection space for the wider community.

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